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High Quality Independent Medical Examination Reports & Treatment of Mental Illnesses such as Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment disorders and PTSD using integrative approaches.

Excellence in Medicolegal and Functional Psychiatry

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Brisbane Psychiatry Centre is a distinctive clinic for treating mental illnesses like Depression, Anxiety, Adjustment Disorders and PTSD with an integrative approach.

We combine the traditional treatment options of medication and psychotherapy with the modern approach of utilising lifestyle and nutrition to achieve best results for our patients.

Our approach tries to minimise the use of medication to reduce the potential of side effects such as weight gain and loss of libido which are commonly experienced by patients who take psychiatric medication.

The usual course of mental illness is long and fluctuant. Therefore, it is common for people to take medication for years. Our aim is to at least reduce the number and/or dosage of the drugs that one may require to keep well and prevent relapse.

Our approach is best suited for people who are experiencing chronic symptoms and are not acutely unwell.

You will need a referral from your doctor (general practitioner, or specialist) before you can be seen at our clinic. Referrals from General Practitioners usually last twelve months, whereas referrals from other specialists last for only three months.

This is not a bulk billing clinic and a gap fee above the Medicare rebate will be payable. Please see the fee section for further details.

Our Speciality

Medicolegal Psychiatry : We specialise in providing expert independent medical examination (IME) reports to solicitors, courts, government agencies, employers and insurance bodies for matters including

Workplace Injury

Historical Institutional Abuse

Injury From Accident

Pre-sentence Reports

Medical Negligence


Family Law

Bullying & Harassment

Functional Psychiatry : Treatment of Depression, Anxiety Adjustment Disorders and PTSD,  click here for further information functional psychiatry

Our Clinic

Unit 3, 631 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, Sinnamon Park 4073, Queensland. (behind Stott Chiropractor)