Please book your appointment by calling 07 21038959 or emailing info@https://brisbanepsychiatrycentre.com.au/ between 8.30 AM to 5.00PM Monday to Friday, barring public holidays. We can only book you after we have received a referral from your doctor. They can send it by email, secure messaging or through medical objects.

Please arrive 10 minutes early so that we can register you with the clinic prior to commencing your appointment with our psychiatrist.

The first appointment will usually last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Please bring your referral letter if not already sent to the clinic. Please bring a list of your current medications and any doctors’ letters that you may have. You can bring a support person such as your spouse/ parent/ carer/ friend for support and providing additional information.

These will usually last between 15 to 45 minutes. You can still bring your support person if you wish.

There is free parking at the premises and ample free parking on nearby roads and streets should that be required.

Missing an appointment or late cancellation means that someone else who might have benefitted from seeing the doctor has missed out. There will be a $100 fee for missing an appointment or not cancelling your appointment with at least 24-hour notice unless there is an emergency. This is not funded by Medicare. This only applies to clinical appointments as IME appointments have a different fee structure.

The clinic does not provide any emergency service. Please ring 000 or 1300642255 (1300 MH CALL) in such circumstances.

No doctor practicing at the Brisbane Psychiatry Centre consents to their consultation being recorded. This applies to both clinical and IME consultations.

Brisbane psychiatry centre does not tolerate any acts of aggression in any form and reserves the right to terminate your service without notice, if that occurs.

Please attend on time for your appointment. Coming late may mean that your psychiatrist is unable to see you on the day due to other appointments that they might have.

If you are not able to converse freely in English than please contact us beforehand to discuss the use of professional interpreters. Some of our doctors speak other languages and may be able to assess you without using an interpreter. We do not encourage using relatives for interpreting.

A copy of your report will be sent to the instructing entity after completion. We endeavour to do this within ten working days. Please note that you will need to provide express written consent prior to this. A copy will not generally be made available to you directly as reports usually contain complex medical information which can be misinterpreted. We can provide a copy to your nominated doctor who can discuss the contents with you. Our doctors will be acting in an independent capacity in this matter and would not hold the usual duty of care obligations.